Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Weeks Menu And A Product Review

First I must apologize, I have been taking photo's but have been unable to post.
 For the last few days, I write my blog then when its time to attach the photo's no luck. I don't know if it is the computer or the Internet or what but I try to attach and the computer runs and runs and says loading but no luck. Ill keep trying
Any how in the mean time I want to show you two products I like.

First last night when I stripped the corn cobs for chowder I used my corn zipper, purchased at Stone Wall Kitchen. They actually call it Palm Corn Zipper, it was only 5.95 and it worked Awesome. This little tool peals the corn of the cob , just like a zipper. In the past I would shoot corn all over the kitchen , this keeps it in the bowl.

Second is a pan I got for Christmas a couple years ago, I use this at least once a week. 
 Pain de Mie Pan (Pullman Loaf Pan)
This pan was just under forty dollars from King Arthur Flour. It is Non stick, includes a perfect fit cover and Made in the USA!
It is perfect for loaf bread (sandwich bread) from scratch or it will hold three boxes of Jiffy Mix with addition of fresh fruit.
I bake bread and store it in this pan.

The Menu
Friday: Anti Pasta Platter
Saturday: Thanksgiving Sandwiches
Sunday: Grilled Salmon
and will make the Chilli
Monday: Chili in a Bread Bowl
Tuesday: Spinach Salad with Crab Meat and Stuffed Quahogs
Wednesday:Chicken in the Crock Pot
Thursday: Beef Fajita, again in the Crock Pot

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