Thursday, September 1, 2011

Strange Bed Fellows

So about a month ago I was at Tractor Supply, and they were having a chicken swap. I purchased two ten week old Light Bantam Hens. The seller of the hens instructed me to put them in the Hen house alone for a day and then at night fall introduce the hens, being sure to provide a milk crate for them to seek shelter under if need be. I kept the little hens separated from the aged hens with a dog crate for a couple days, then I introduced them. I checked day after day and they seemed to be getting along fine. On day five when it was time to shut the hen house, I found one of the little hens dead. After closer inspection it seemed as though, one of the hens cornered her and hen pecked her to death.On day six, I noticed the second hen had some plucked feathers as well. I cleaned the remaining little hen, then I took her into the hoop house to heal. The heat in the hoop house was perfect, and in less then a week, she was healed. I got to thinking the little hen was lonely, so I moved her into the empty area near Joeys stall. I don't think the little hen is lonely now.When the Minni's are in the barn the hen has taken to, riding on them, and resting on them. When the Minni's are out to pasture she roams the stalls. Yesterday when I went in the barn to check on her I could not find her at first, she was in the feed bucket.
Miniature horses and hens go figure.

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