Sunday, September 25, 2011

Football Sunday

Everyone is chilling,on this football Sunday.
It really does not feel like football weather, in fact the Big Boys are inside the barn with their fans on.
The meat loaf is in the oven, I should of made it into grilled burgers.
This morning we put the boys out to pasture while we did chores. By noon it felt more like summer then fall, so the bigs came in. I started to close up some of the raised beds, and Bob washed the vehicles. Now we are chilling watching the Pat's. I am guessing by evening the temps will take a nose dive, I have the fire pit stacked.These photo's are from last week ends trail ride, we needed hoodies, it is New England.

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Jessica said...

thought the same thing about dinner this weekend- I made a roast beef for the first weekend of fall- but I should've grilled instead of running the oven!