Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Change is in the air

Grazing in a foggy field, Lone Jack, Mo.Charlie Riedel/AP

As September Draws Nigh

None can resist fall’s impending magical dance of color

its extravagance, spell-bounding beauty

The trees must sleep, after a long hardworking summer

The flowers return to seed, rejoining the earth birthing them

And the birds draw straws, seeing who will stay

and who will flock and head southward

Well here it is, the end of summer 2011.
Tomorrow is the last day of summer, and change is in the air.
Last Saterday Bob and I visited both our children, at their homes in Massachusettes.It was lots of fun visiting with them and their partners,but it made me miss them more.Both homes were beutifuly decorated for fall with mums and corn stocks, I have not yet managed that on the farm. on Sunday I started decorating the house inside in the morning.In the afternoon Sunday Bob and I went trail riding and both of the horses were more interested in sampling leafs, than really listening.

Every night this week I have enjoyed a fire outside in the pit as we finish evening chores.
Bob has been working with Nickel each night on the long line, he is doing a refresher on ground manners.
Nickel is really a very good boy ( I know all Moms say that) it's just because we don't ride often enough a refresher helps.
Over just the past three nights you can see Nickel becoming more and more attentive and responsive to Bobs commands.
It often amaises me how much animals are like humans (especialy children) it is visible when you commit and put in your time.As much as we enjoy being with the horses, taking time to realy do so (above and beond chores) takes commitment.
The days have begun to get shorter, we start  each day in the dark. The mornings have been very cool with lots of dew on the ground. The Belgians are full of spunk in the morning "talking" and doing the "two step "
when we start serving breakfast.
I have not been blogging the past few days becouse it seems by the time we sit together for dinner we are ready to call it quits for the night.
Bob has been making the transition from being the hands on contractor/ builder to more of a builder/ management role and his work has made for long days and much travel another change.
Although I usally do not like change, I am enjoying watching Bob metamorphous!
He has worked very hard very long, and his knowledge and skills will shine here, and hell we are getting too old to use our back more than our brain.
Jake is loosing his summer coat aka. shark skin and developing his winter. Nickel has not yet begun the change, as far as I can see.
The squerals are every where gathering their nuts, and the bird feeders are full.
We have started closing the gardens of summer crops and cleaning up the lawns and shrubs to prepare for fall and then winter. If you follow the Thursday Menu's you have begun to see the seasonal changes we make their, last night we had the Lasagna roll ups.

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