Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Shots and sprouts.

May 11, 2011

The 131st day of 2011

41 days until summer begins.

We have not really had much of a spring, in Maine so far this year.
 Bob and I have enjoyed a couple of nice horse back rides and a half dozen meals outside , but is not the best of springs to date.
I am hesitant to plant much out of doors, the nights still get cool.
We are not entering frost temps. but it could happen.
The herb garden is started,the forsythia by the sign is in full bloom and some grass seed is sprouting.
I have been making compost tea and the lawn and plantings seem to be soaking it up.
 You can visibly see a different brighter green on the area's I have fed with the tea.(more about that in another post)
I was gifted two new forsythia this week end, from Bobby and Keri and this morning one had new blossoms.
The lettuce and broccoli in the hoop house is thriving, and some more is planted (seed) in an out door bed.

I am imagining this is what spring is like in Ireland or London .
When I started chores it was below sixty for the past couple of days it has been on and of drizzle. The rain bucket is full to over flowing.
Although the weather is not cooperating spring is underway, today all four horses received spring shots.
The horse are over due for baths, I do not want them to get a chill.
The chickens are laying four good size eggs every day ( and an occasional Giant) one per hen.
I am keeping an eye open for the sign's to post when the strawberry fields open for picking, no sightings yet.

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