Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maine Potato's

Well the week end just flew by!
How is days on the farm always pass so much quicker then days away.
As planned our week end was full of eating, drinking and horses.
As I shared earlier everyone got baths, and mowing took place.
On Sunday Bob was able to spend a little time watching some friends plow at a field near by but mostly he played catch up on the lawn and paddocks and you can realy tell.
The side paddock has really come along in the four years we have been here.
 Unfortunately we have allot of ledge and the size of the boys does allot of damage in the winter and mud seasons, but I can really see change.When you have draft horses there is nothing more valuable than green pasture.This time of year the Belgians thrive, I think they smile more when the grass is green.
Last night Bob and I sectioned off a small area in the side paddock to limit the Minni's access and let the back portion grow, we will reopen it to the big boys Friday ( weather permitting).
This morning when I put the Minni's out I did get a bit of attitude from them,in regards to the fence . Even with the back fenced off they get more than enough room to exercise plus access to shelter and water.
Minni's have allot of attitude, at least on this farm.
Now it is time to re focus on the house and gardens. Gardens first today I filled two boxes of potato seeds and planted some additional sunflowers.I filled four more flower boxes, with edibles.

These potatoes are called Kennebecs and they are true "Maine potatoes". The sunflowers that were planted last week are poking threw the ground and the pumpkins look happy.
Now we will see how much energy is left for inside.Some how even with the short amount of time we spend inside we manage to make a mess of dishes and dog hair.

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