Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This is for the birds !

I have very happy birds at the moment.
With the sudden change of temperatures I have seen an influx of birds.
I feed the birds because I enjoy watching them.
I like to feed a variety of bird seed, corn and suit and I recently added fresh oranges apples and berries.
I provide seed and suet to the birds in Fall, Winter and Spring. I usually take down my suet feeders in early May to avoid rain rot followed by melting. Starting in  May, I add  jellies available for orioles and sugar-water mix available for hummingbirds.
It's best to use regular sugar mixed with water (1 part sugar to 4 parts water). I mix 4 tablespoons regular cane sugar in 1 cup of water.This is the first year I had real success with Humming Birds.
Suet is available as raw suet in many grocery stores or as suet cakes sold in feed stores, grocery stores, even hardware stores.I tried to supply fresh suet after the pig went to market but had no birds only bugs.
Sunflower Seed - I have  found that the most widely accepted type of seed is sunflower seed. I grew loads of sunflowers this year, the finch feasted on the fresh seeds as they grew and the giant dry sunflowers, that remained after the bloom was gone were devoured in days.

Thistle or Niger Seed -This tiny and expensive seed that seems to be a favorite with finches. They will sit at the feeder and just eat them until kitty frightens them away.

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