Sunday, November 21, 2010

Please, Define "Good Day Off"

I would have to report, I had a good day off.
However as I sit and reflect, I am fairly certain my idea of what defines a good day off is not average.

It is just after 5pm, cinnamon bread is toasting in the oven , for grab and go in the morning. The Big Boys are resting in their stalls, till half time.The Pats are ahead.We had a chili but wonderful wagon ride, everyone returned safe.Jake is looking stronger, day by day.Forty+ bails of hay are on the farm, after gathering them today, from Mr,Gray's. The Minni's, Chickens and Hound Dogs are in, Pig is snuggled in his house, with only his snout peaking out from the winter quilt. I made chocolate chip cookies for Bobs lunch, and  the Turkey Pot Pie I had planned. I made stuffed manicotti as a back up, not sure Bob would like the Turkey Pie. I am happy to report we both enjoyed the pie, and we will eat the manicotti Tuesday.What makes for a good day off in your world?

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