Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Playing Catch Up

The week end flew bye, as they do and yesterday the computer was slow, slow, slow. Tonight I will try to catch you up. First it has been unseasonably warm, here in Maine.40 tonight, 46 last night as I did rounds and 46 again this morning, tomorrow is to bring rain. Friday night Bob and I had an easy dinner, hung out in the barn and talked about our week. I am convinced the animals can sense the week end, they all seem to relax and enjoy all the extra attention.Saturday we slept in till after six, then the day just flew. Lager and Bob did the Saturday morning road trip to Agway, then it was leaf clean up.I did all my usual Saturday chores, with some additional cooking for our dinner guest's. Before we knew it, it was cooling down and the sun was beginning to set. About 3:30 Saturday Bob pulled out our wagon and when our guest arrived, we had just enough sunlight for a very short wagon ride.It was nice to have our Team work together, Jake seems to be feeling better. Although the early sun set kept our ride short, it was a treat to share this experience with friends. Although I try not to, sometimes we forget how special it is to have a team. Our dinner went well, we feasted on steak tips grilled out of doors and stuffed shells.Sunday we did some farm chores and errands, then we watched a couple friends plow the club field with their team. We did not put our Team together to plow, I thought it would be far to much work for Jake.We will really have to give some thought to getting Nickel a Team mate that can keep up with him. Jake is a wonderful companion but I could not help but feel like Nick missed out not plowing. Nickel has really blossomed over the last 18 months, he has grown to be strong and proud. Belgians love to have a job, that takes them out of the paddock. I can not remember who I heard say it, but someone once told me "The best horse to buy, is not for sale" this seems to be very true, I'm not sure there is another Nickel out there anyone would part with.God willing I will never part with  my Nick.
As  I reflect on my blessings and give thanks for my farm, I remember my Dad .On this the anniversary of his death,I know he would like this place and be happy for me.  Hug someone you love tonight.

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