Saturday, November 20, 2010

One Over Sized Pot

Bob and I slept in till ,6:00am.

I woke up and put on the coffee pot, I took Lager for a quick walk. When the weather changes over night, I try my best to coach Lager to keep the morning walk brief . The grass this morning was crisp with frost and the rooster was crowing in the hen house.I found my self wondering if he really wanted to get up and out , quite so early.By 9 am I had my "extra turkey" in the oven. The entire day has been quite chilly, it is starting to feel like winter.First thing the hoses were frozen, the water buckets had a coat of ice .The barn got cleaned,and the yard chores are underway( always more to be done).The Belgians got a hoof  trim, and Larger went to the vet's for a scheduled vaccination. By this afternoon I was glad to get into the house, and back to  my kitchen. I finally got around to making the stuffed burgers I spotted on line last week, they were yummy. With the turkey roasted I have started the process that will be, making the most of my extra Turkey . I carved the turkey, and separated what will be the soup meat and the pie filling.I purchased a new pan yesterday, I thought it would be perfect for stock. It may be a tad too big,Bob had to lift it onto the stove.Later tonight I will put away the stock for the soup, and some extras this week.Tomorrow I will start the pie's.

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