Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Cold Place

It is a very cold winter Sunday afternooon in Maine.
 I just came in from walking my hound dog Elvis and closing the chicken coop.
The snow under the coop seemed untouched, not sure they ventured out today.
Bob spent much of the day on the tractor plowing, with a short break to ride Nickel.

I cleaned out the cow pen and then some house keeping, baked stuffed shells and a pineapple upside down cake.
The big plan for tomorrow is to pack up the Christmas tree.
 With all that took place yesterday we only picked at the turkey, so tomorrow it will become turkey pot pie.
In this weather I look for any excuse to run the oven.
The thermometer reads 20 but it feels like 5, it looks like we are in for a cold stretch.
 Bob and Lager are watching the Patriots, the plan is to bring Jake and Nickel in at the half.
The farm is a strange place without Charm Boy, it is amazing how much that horse touched our life in six short months.

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