Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Our Farm.
We took our team out for their maiden voyage, hitched to the new sled.

It was a bit loud at first, the snow was not as deep as it probably should have been.

The weather was perfect though, not to cool,

and the boy's teamed nice.

Charm is coming along as Nickels "new" team mate.He is content once hitched along side his BIG friend.

They are a perfect color match,

and really not that far off in size given Nickel has 3 1/2 years over Charm.

No sleigh bells, yet.

We have nice bells in the barn but Bob said, baby steps ( no bell's first trip).

I love blond butts!

And everyone is back to the barn safe and sound.

More snow on Thursday, maybe we will get in a New Years ride as well.

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