Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Day

What a difference a day can make.
 Yesterday I took this picture of my Charm Boy, today we said good bye to him.

Friday night on the farm is "feet night" so as tradition has it we brought all three boys inside.
 After dinner , grooming trimming and general loving we said good night.
When we woke this morning I looked out the window expecting to see my team at the front gate, I spotted only Nickel. After a brief look over the pasture I spotted Charm Boy. I new something was very wrong. The team had grown strong enough that one would not come to the gate without the other in tow.
 Charm died over night, that is all I know.
 No words to explain the heart ache. We will never have an answer as to why. We had the vet out but I opted out of the exploration surgery due to respect. The vet examined the other horses and took blood, no virus no poison just a number of broken hearts.
Rest in Peace Charm Boy, I loved your baby dreads!

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gowestferalwoman said...

I am so sorry - what a gentleman that he died so quietly, as his world around him slept - let it be a solace to you that he had the covering of the stars, the moon, the sky, and the resting place of the crystal sparkling snow - we should all be so lucky as to go on to our journey with knowing our love ones love us and that our earth bound soul had such a beautiful good bye place for us...for now.

(((Hugs to you and yours)))!