Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside

Baby it's cold outside.
Here at the farm we are doing the barnyard shuffle.
The horses are spending days out side and evenings in their stalls. Chores are a real challenge, paddocks are a mess. Things freeze before you can clean correctly on these short days.

This morning we did chores in temps below zero.Water buckets are constantly in need of ice breaking. The heater on the hydrant struggles to keep up.
 Little hen fallows Jake out side in the morning then turns and runs back in his stall as quick as her little feet can go.
Kitty has not ventured out of the tack room for days. Bunny welcomed his bedding of tight packed hay last night and breakfast of hot oatmeal. 
All this and I am seriously considering bringing home a piglet this week end. Iam sooo tired of wasting groceries. I am making large meals of worm comfort food, and Bob and I just can not keep up.
Wondering if I should start freezing "pig scraps" for a spring pig, or do more winter chores.

The Farmers Almanac
January 2013:

1st-3rd. Showery, then clearing and cold.
4th-7th. Storm sweeps across Pennsylvania and New York with gusty winds and heavy precipitation.

8th-11th. Blustery and colder; snow showers.

12th-15th. Mostly fair.

16th-19th. Wet, then fair and cold.

20th-23rd. Heavy snow (half foot or more) for New England; lighter amounts farther south.

24th-27th. Scattered flurries.

28th-31st. Sharp cold front brings rain and snow showers, then clearing and cold

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gowestferalwoman said...

I am certainly hoping that you meant to write "warm comfort food" rather then "worm comfort food"...although who am i to gauge someone's feralness LOL

we are lucky - we have more muley and elk in our freezer then we do store bought - our friends and family have given so much this year...