Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Belgian Shuffle

the young man driving him in this photo is eleven

We purchased a new team mate for Nickel, his name is Tom.
Tom is nine and we bought him from a family who had him for two years, and had pulled with him a few times. (they took these photo's). We were told he was on an Amish Farm prior to that. We hope they will team well together. He is a nice color and size match.
We have not yet put Tom out side with Nickel, we want to do it on a day neither of us have to leave the farm, so we can be sure they are safe.
We are doing what I refer to as "the Belgian Shuffle". We have a new horse in the barn, named Tom. That added to the extremely cold temperatures has us rotating horses, in and out of stalls and pastures. Last night everyone slept in , and this morning the thermometer reads zero,and the wind chill for a minus ten.

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