Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Time To All Seasons

One thing about farmers, they are always thinking about the next season.
Our plans for this winter included looking for a horse trailer and a hay wagon, two tools that would allow us more options to work our team.
With the untimely passing of Charm boy we have some decisions to make.
We have been doing lots of talking and praying.
What to do.......
Buy another team mate for Nickel , or work with what we have.
Jake is fully retied now and spends his time out in the pasture, with Mini and Cow, Nickel is alone in his pasture.
Having a team allows you allot more opportunities to work ,and an added expense... ugh what to do.
We are experiencing unseasonably warm weather, here in Maine.

On the surface this probably sounds like a good thing, however it is an added challenge.

We wake up to temperatures hovering around freezing 30- 32 the paddocks are coated with a sheet of ice.

 Then the sun rises and everything turns to mud, we are unable to drive the tractor into the paddock's without creating, huge rut's. The rut's freeze at night making it dangerous.

The Big boys walk in the snow and their feathers are nice and white, then they get shuffled from paddock to barn . Their heavy hooves splash mud up and down both them and I.

Most of the sledding snow has melted.

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