Monday, August 22, 2011

Mother Nature

Yesterday as we  settled in for what we thought would be a break between afternoon chores and evening chores Mother Nature visited.
We got hammered with a afternoon electrical storm,complete with a deluge of rain and high winds.
 I witnessed a lightning strike like nothing I've ever seen!

 First I herd a rumble and then a huge crack.  I looked out my window to see a ball of lighting literally  roll the  top wire of my back fence and then it appeared to go into my barn. Bob ran down into the barn, I ran to the sun porch to get a better look and look over the back paddocks. In the few seconds I took to go from room to room the rains picked up intensity driving sheets of rain into the porch windows soaking books, photos and wood work. I hurried to shut windows and then joined Bob in the barn, everyone present and accounted for we assessed damage.Our electric fence supply is fried, as is the surge protector, our paddock is flooded and holding about 7" of water over 75% of it's space. We have lots of pumping and clean up to do and a new charger will set us back about 300.00$ but after what I witnessed I am giving thanks, no one is hurt and no big fire.
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goatldi said...

Scary stuff! Hope all comes round well.