Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back side of the storm

So yesterday I cleaned up the gardens in preparation of the storm. I picked what was ripe, and dug up potatoes.
I was unsure what damage the winds and heavy rains would do, and did not want the potatoes to rot. About midnight the rain was heavy and we brought the big boys into their clean dry stalls.

Today while I was inside staying dry, I cooked up some of what I harvested. I made hot spiced salsa with the tomatoes and some of the peppers. I jarred pickles, with the cucumbers. and made a meatloaf with peppers and onion in the loaf and salsa and cheese on top. We had mashed potatoes with bacon and cheddar along side. Not a bad way to spend a stormy Sunday. The barn is still full, Nick and Jake are getting fidgety, all off the tall sun flowers have broken in the wind and are on the ground, and the roof is gone off the hoop house but we are all doing OK. It seems as though the worst of the storm is past us. Tomorrow I will start the clean up.

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goatldi said...

So glad you are well. And look at your bonus day - wow! When is dinner again?