Saturday, August 27, 2011

Calm before the storm

We are at the point of calm before the storm. We have had a very bizy day!But I think we are in a good place as we await the arrival of Irene. We have tightened up the hay storage, moved in the yard stuff including hanging plants furniture, and the grill. Bunny is inside and all the stalls are ready with clean bedding and fresh waters.When the bloodhounds come in they will find treats awaiting them, in their crates for now they too are outside.All the pet pools have been emptied and scrubbed. We are keeping the critters out a bit later, in expectation they will be in allot in the next twenty four hours.
The storm is expected to bring ten to twelve inches of water, so I harvested the two potato beds.
 We have five bails of old hay we will place outside the barn door to reduce water leakage.At the last minute tonight I will shut the chicken coop, and leave it closed till Monday, once all the horses are in the barn Bob plans to board up the barn doors. Our barn has two huge doors making it possible to drive through the first floor.Having the option to drive through is wonderful if you need to get a horse trailer in for an equine emergency, but it creates a bit of a wind tunnel when you have crazy wind fields.
For now we rest and watch the weather channel as the storm moves on towards New England.

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