Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We are looking at 39 days till spring and it is frigid cold. The snow we have mounded around the farm, is unlike any I have seen in years. The cobble stone entrance and driveway are covered with ice. Everyone slept inside the barn last night, including the big boys. If spring does not arrive in a timely fashion kitty is going to need a diet , he seems to be in hibernation refusing to leave the barn.
I have two indoor projects I want to work on in the next month , but my mind keeps wandering to outside.

  1. First inside is the three season porch , (I call it that because it is to costly to run the gas stove in the winter).
I have a vision of this becoming more of a work space for me. I plan to leave the table both to work, and occasionally eat at but redecorate. I want to finish organizing my recipe books and magazines , bring out my cook book collection and frame some photo's to make this space less of a Hodge podge and more useful.
 I want to make it a menu planning / foodie space.

   2.  Next the guest room , ( called this because it has an extra bed ;)
I have a vision of this space becoming more of a retreat . I plan to leave the bed ( or get a new one) but add a headboard .Change out the bed bedding and perhaps the curtains. I want to keep the " New England Beach" theme it has taken on but fix the broken frame, and add some framed prints of my own.

I can not wait to start the gardens and need to shovel out the hoop house to start cool crops , soon.
Additional spring projects that are calling me include an area, some place in the yard / or perhaps on  the deck for Dining Alfresco.
 We did not dine on the deck last year because we have no shelter there from the sun.
and bathing alfresco I currently have a claw foot tub in the yard, but it's just there. I picture huge sunflowers painted on my tub and the addition of some type of privacy screen, or curtain.

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