Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011

By now, I would have to be truly ignorant to ignore the word Blizzard, and that is what is being predicted.
Most of the meteorologists in town are predicting up to two feet of snow between 3 p.m. this afternoon and 3 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.
That's predicted to be coupled with gusting winds of up to 50 MPH, creating possible whiteout conditions . The National Weather Service is calling the coming storm a “dangerous, multifaceted and life-threatening winter storm,” rivaling the Blizzards of 1967, 1978/1979 and 1999.We have lots of shavings , grain as well as some nice dry hay in the barn. The pantry is well stocked, as is the freezer.
Outside the barn, under the overhang we have two huge round bales. Before bed I will scoop out the am. meal portions and fill extra water , this will save time in the morning that we may need for shoveling and plowing.
We have an electric heater on the hydrent to prevent freezing and a standby generator so water and power should not be a major issue.I plan to stock the hen house with feed and water today and shut the door,it may stay shut a couple of days.

I can not recall the 1967 storm ( I was one) but I can remember both 79 and 99. We can not change the weather, but we can prepare, and that is what we are doing today. In 1979 I lived in Plymouth, Ma. and after being snowed in for days I remeber walking with my Mom and Brother to Perrys market. The market was open but had no lights or cash registers, the generator was used to power the refrigeration. The clerk tallied our purchase on the outside of the brown paper bag.Down at Plymouth harbor waves battered the sea wall as winds lifted boulders.
Bob is staying local , no long distance commute.1999 Traffic came to a standstill as major corridors like I-95 shut down. During the storm several people died on Route 128 around Boston from asphyxiation: snow had blocked the tailpipes of their idling automobiles.
Today we got 3-4" but mild temps. and little wind. All 4 horses were out all day ( till about 4) then they got barn time and pampering. I LOVE barn time.
1978 Feb. 6-7 Blizzard of '78
Nick and Jake


Mini Sparks


Time for some Love



Mini Team
some snow history

Hurricane-force winds and record-breaking snowfall made this storm one of the more intense ones to occur this century across parts of the Northeast; small area with 50 or more inches of snowfall was reported in northern Rhode Island; Washington, D.C., received 2.2 inches; Baltimore 9.1 inches; Philadelphia 14.1 inches; New York City 17.7 inches; Boston received 27.1 inches and was subsequently completely shut down for a week.
1979 Feb. 19 The Presidents' Day Storm
PLYMOUTH 1979 (photo from web, do not have name @ credit)
Chiefly affected the middle Atlantic states with record snowfall in many areas; Washington, D.C., 18.7 inches in 18 1/2 hours at the airport with a total depth of 23 inches; Baltimore airport had 20 inches.

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