Monday, February 7, 2011

Cost vs.Value of Two Chicken

So I purchased TWO chickens @.99 per. pound.

The first chicken was almost 7lbs and the second almost 8 so lets say 15lbs = $15.00
On Saturday I roasted the two birds on a bed of veggies from my pantery and stuffed them with onions and lemons.

In addition to the birds I purchased a $1.00 package of celery and two lemons, to complete this task = $2.00
After we ate our Saturday meal of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots and gravey I then picked the chickens.

I put all of the veggie cuttings and peels in the stock pot with the bones and boiled for stock.
After boiling the stock I drained and had 8 pints of stock at ZERO cost.

On Sunday I made a roast beef dinner, while it cooked I used the oven to also cook e-clairs a bannanna bread and a chicken pot pie made with the meat from the picked birds on saturday.

I made a pound of rice in the rice machine with chicken stock for the dogs to enjoy on cold mornings this week with their kibble.

The pot pie recipie I had down loaded was a quick easy version selected for after work Monday night. Becouse I decided to make my pie on a leasure Sunday I did not use the rcipie. I did however use refrigerator pie crust and a bag of frozen mixed veggies, with a pint of stock a can of condensed onion soup from the pantrey salt and pepper.  Total $5.00

Tonight all I had to do was reheat the pie and serve, a nice easy meal after work.

Tomorrow we are having crab meat sandwich a splurge at ($10.00not included in total) and tortillinni $3.99 and chicken stock.

I am no money expert , but I venture to say I got my 26.00 worth

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