Thursday, July 22, 2010

We Survived

I am happy to report, we survived one of the craziest summer storms I have ever seen.Yesterday was beautiful but at 7pm,that all changed.I have never seen such heavy rain or vivid lightening.I moved the Big Boys into the barn at one point in the storm, they prefer to stay out but it was frightening.About 10pm our power went out, and the generator came on and ran about two hours.Things slowed down about midnight.About 5am Lager and I took a walk to assess damage.We had some spilled planets and washed out garden beds and huge puddles.I spent the morning pumping paddocks and sweeping run off mulch, but we were lucky . After paddocks I took Lager for his daily truck ride, and we went to get coffee. Most of the town is still without power, utility trucks are every place huge trees are down.The coffee shop was closed and we were faced with three detour. I am always glad to return home to my farm, regardless how short the trip.I am especially thankful after a storm.

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