Thursday, July 22, 2010

HA I'm NOT Crazy or a baby

It was a freaking tornado! No wonder I could not sleep! No wonder I was running around moving 2000lb animals! Mothers do Know best!!
Tonight news report: Storms cause widespread damage in New England powerful storms that caused flash floods, knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses, and brought tornadoes to places rarely hit. In Maine,the National Weather Service on Thursday confirmed that tornadoes touched down in Alfred.ALFRED we live in Alfred!They estimated the four tornadoes had wind speeds of about 90 mph.90 mph! Such powerful thunderstorms are rare in northern New England, cropping up only a couple of times a year. In Gorham, a 150-year-old barn containing cows was blown over.COWS crushed and killed! Two of the animals did not survive.

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Jessica said...

yikes that must've been scary- good thing you have your big protector and everyone at Hooves and Hounds is safe and accounted for