Wednesday, July 14, 2010

20 hours and counting

We had rain early Saturday morning and again
yesterday evening into this morning.
What a relief....we've had such a drought.Doing the chores in the morning rain was not much fun, but it was much needed. I moved house plants and herbs out for refreshing rain water, before I went into work. The folks at work know I am about to start my vacation so they have begun to ask the question "what do you have planned for vacation?" "will you do anything good".I LOVE being home!!I look forward to cooking and cleaning and spoiling my animals, the only place I plan to "go" is my paddock, my garden, my barn and the farmers market Wednesday.When I tell the folks at work this they roll their eyes. Some things you must feel to understand.I feel the need to be with my farm family.

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richardborton said...

Staycations are the best anyway. Being able to take the time to do things around the homestead always decompress me and give me a greater sense of accomplishment.