Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It is one of those weeks where I keep asking my self,what day is it? Some of the confusion comes from the Monday holiday,the rest comes from the work load.This time of year, Bob and I tend to run out of time on a daily basis. It is a blessing the days are so long, and no snow! However with the sunshine (rises at 5:02 and sets at 8:02)we have a long to do list. The new grass needs watering, the gardens need tending, the pup needs training(10 months today,123lb)...did I mention I want to go riding? Bob took the team to the club today,to harrow the garden. Seeing the Iris bloom make me think of my good friend Linda.
In the photo of the Big Boys ,do you see the crazy cat?Any who the house is covered in pollen and the to do list is long!

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