Friday, June 4, 2010

Sounds Like

When you were little did you have one of those animal sound cubes or a "see and say"? If you said yes, then you will understand the toy of the week,today.See every Friday I bring home a new toy for Lager. The hunt for new and different toys is becoming a challenge. Lager has Monkeys, Apes, Ducks, Frogs, Balls , Tires... Today In an attempt to find something different, I purchased a "Barn Yard sounds ball".Bob has decided this is the most annoying toy yet.Me I like the memories Jessica and Bobby had the barn yard animal toys, Bobby liked to make them skip so the sounds did not match the animals.


Rocco the BT said...

hahahaah Bobby did do that
"The cow says...cock a doodle doo"

Rocco the BT said...

good toy recommendations: canine genius puzzles, everlasting treat balls, TugAJug