Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trash to Treasure

Today I scored, the perfect shelves at work FOR FREE.Do not judge, one mans trash is another mans treasure.
As a rule we are not permitted to take home any merchandise, that is being trashed. However today I got lucky two shelves, that a vendor shipped bulbs in for display. The bulbs are being fazed out , and the vendor did not want the shelves, back.The shelves were sitting in front of a full dumpster waiting to be trashed when I spotted them.I spoke with my Boss, and he said they were not merchandise,only shipping/display crates and I could have them.The shelves are very clean, and heavy, made of pine.A friend who works in lumber hauled them in his truck to the farm.Once in the drive way I muscled them onto my tractor.The shelves are now in my hoop house.I am reading The Backyard Homestead, and learning to "Grow more in less space, with less work" The shelves will permit me the space to start new seeds,and work on succession planting. I think by the weeks end we will have lettuce, ready to harvest making room in one of the boxes.
The sun rise photo is from Monday morning, when the air was full of smoke.

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Blessed Rain said...

Great shelves and that is a great find! Love it!
I am sorry I don't post more, I do love your blog.