Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going too smoothley

Apparently my day was going too smoothly. Work was decent I did 10,000 in sales today (the store did 37000 yesterday) I stopped at the farm on the way home to pay my final CSA (garden share) payment. One of the girls greeted me at the door, and did not say hello, but instead said "come in I'm baking cookies". I tried a hot from the oven organic"no recipe"oatmeal chocolate chip yogurt cookie. I got a peak at the onions sprouting on her porch. Then I headed home, to find out Nickel had bit Jake, badly. I flushed the boo boo and applied Bag Balm. And held my breath and tried not to get mad. It's the way horses get respect from each other. The one who is the fastest, the strongest, the bravest and the quickest during play and dominance games, is the one who becomes alpha. The alpha horse is respected and trusted and all other horses look to him for leadership. Nickel will be the farm Alpha. To get my mind of the frustrating situation I took Huck for a good long walk through the mud. We hung 2 signs across the street from the drive. One facing each direction that reads Dog Crossing. This is an attempt to kindly say slow the F down to those who do not realize they live in rural America.

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