Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 More Days

Spring is Friday and I am trying to be patient. The mornings still have a chill. This morning the wind shield had a coating of frost. Bob drove me to work yesterday and today, as my winter truck has no heat, and although I got through the winter in Maine with no heat in my vehicle , we are nearing the seasons end and given the choice I choose a ride with heat.Bob finds pleasure each morning in announcing how much additional sunlight the day will hold. I have seen a large quantity of birds and different types. As I travel about town I see more and more maple syrup taps. Sunday is the official Maple Sunday with a number of local sugar shacks open and farms welcoming folks to wonder. I hope to visit a couple of farms (and eat one breakfast). I hear that on Tuesday another baby lamb was born down the street, I have decided I like lambing season more than mud season. I started a new batch of sprouts on the window . Growing more sprouts is a bit silly. I grew a healthy batch a couple weeks ago and decided I do not quite like them. Sprouts are not even all that beneficial to my diet, however they grow easy they are a sign of life and my bunny loves them, and after all it is about the comfort of the critters.

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