Monday, April 2, 2012

What Get's My Through

Mondays blah
Mondays are difficult for me, so I day dream to get through the day.
Week ends on the farm are so wonderful, that I always dread Monday. On Mondays I work in town , and suffer farm withdrawal's. Very often I day dream of Menu plans or garden plans. Today specifically I am thinking of spring menu's and window boxes. Our window boxes this spring and summer will be home to herbs starting this week with pea's , lettuce and cabbage.I have an idea on how I will incorporate Jake's horse shoe's as well. These early cold crops will also influence the spring menu. As I have shared with you previously we will be harvesting BBQ (the pig) and adding a lamb. The hens are laying more faithfully so there will be egg dishes as well. As a "rule" we do not eat breakfast for dinner so the eggs need to be worked into quiches, frittata's and salads.
I read and re read food blogs and cook books, today I purchased
Romantic Prairie Style Cookbook [Hardcover]

Fifi O'neill

from Amazon

List Price: $27.95

Price: $18.45 &

Fifi has a great blog
and Cottage of the Month

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