Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day of "Rest"

Today I was home alone on the farm, a scheduled day of rest. The day started off very chilly I hustled about morning chores, then ran into town to drop off some dry cleaning and pick up a couple things. When I arrived home I was bone cold with the chills, so my solution was to bake. I made oat meal cookies and then tested out my new bread machine. When I say tested I mean this literally.  See I was at a local barn sale , when I spotted a bread machine.I have been wanting to purchase a bread machine, but was unwilling to spend the money. I looked over the barn sale bread machine and it was super clean. I asked the man hosting the sale if it worked, he was unsure. I asked him what he wanted for it and he said five dollars, I thought I could afford to chance it. Today I made sunflower bread and it worked like a charm. Once I had finished baking (and ironing) the sun was out and I did some gardening. Something about a full day to rest the mind that is good for the heart.

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