Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Little Planning

Most every one who has read this blog, knows I menu plan. I started menu planning to lesten after work stress, I don't like to leave work wondering what to do for dinner. My menu planning has grown and changes. I am sure you have noticed the sky rocket cost of food. I now look at money saving meals as I plan, my menu. I am here today to remind you to look past the price tag when you menu plan. When I sat down and wrote out my menu, this week I had Thanksgiving sandwiches on the menu for Saturday. I make these sandwiches with boneless and skinless turkey breast. When I picked up the turkey breast package it had four 1/2 breast portions , and was marked 7. 45 or 6.99 per. Lb.  I put the package back and purchased a family size whole turkey for 15.00, almost twice the price. We enjoyed turkey and stuffing last night, and I have made two jars of stock (a seven dollar value) and a pound of turkey salad ( at least five dollars more at the deli) from the "left overs". I think this was well spent dollars. One more sample for you, my home made beef stock was made from the steak bones from Friday night ,the ends from the carrots that will side today's roust as well as onion skins. This stock will add tons of flavor to tadays roast and replace water in rice later this week.

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