Monday, January 23, 2012

Seed Sorting

OK I give up! I have been trying to put off my garden planning till we get closer to the season, but I can not wait any longer. Time to get out the seed cataloges and scetch book and start planning.

I am purchasing very few seeds this year sence I have a nice assortment on hand, mostly from gifts. The plan is to look through the cataloge mainly for planting gidelines and insperation.
One of my favorite seed cataloges is High Mowing Seeds
One of my favorite referance publications is Organic Gardening and my Mom renews my subscription year after year.
Bob and I are looking to "pretty up" the front yard this spring and that means relocationg the raised beds.
 I would like to set them up just left and right of the hoop house and feet from the rain barrel. However placing them here would interupt Bobs mowing pattern, he's all about minamizing the number of times he has to get off the mower.
Placing them out back along the back pasture would give them all day sun, but limit the water sorce to the creek and what I carry on the tractor.
 I am looking to add a potting bench, and locating it by the back hose where the rabit hutch has been in the past. Bunny is inside the barn for now but will be moved out before Mothers day

I am looking to try "salad boxes this year check them out here :

So as I was saying time to get out the scetch book, draw things out and list the prows and cons.

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