Thursday, October 7, 2010

Change of Seasons

For some reason the change of seasons tends to bring farm questions, and strange asumptions.
Yesterday at work, a co worker said to me "you must welcome the rain ,no chores". I could not resist so I asked "what ever do you mean?". So he went on to say he knows I usally spend my afternoons doing barn chores, and he thought I must welcome the rain as a day off. I have hurd others say things like this. Bob and I once had friends for dinner, and after a tour of the barn one of the quests said " I would like to have a horse, they are self sufficiant for the most part". We welcome the rain, to help with the green pastures, groth of gardens and hay but all weather has its own challenges on a farm. For one I could not post last night becouse winds, make internet service intermiten at best.
My big boys (The Belgians)are very well insilated and warm blooded they can tolerate, and like cool tempatures.
Bob has built wonderful run in's in both paddocks for shelter.
We have a standby generator so power outages are not a huge issue .
However all storms bring prep, and upkeep. When the Fall brings a storm the concernes on my farm are:
1.wind damage ie. down trees=fence damage
2.Lightening again damage to the electric fences and their power
3.Fresh drinking water, rain water grows bacterior
4.Wasted muddy wet hay, and hay that blows away
5.Rain rott
6.Water retention, in the huge indents in the durt from my Big Boys napping daily
7. Paddock damage from 2000 lb horses walking in the mud.
8.Hoove Damage, and the risk of slips and falls
9.Wet puddles/ Manure removal
10.Muddy wet clothes, boots and tractors
11. Wet dogs and barn kittys with wet paws
Chickens do not like to get wet, and in a storm they are closed in their coop,if prolonged this makes a poopy mess,the mess must be upkept to keep healthy chickens and healthy eggs.
Pig has a nice house Bob built that is insulated, and he is smart enough to go in.
The Mini's on the other hand,although they have run in's will stand in the rain and roll in the mud so they must be gatherd up and put into dry clean stalls.
Yesterday afternoon the winds were strong, the horses were brought into the barn to eat hay and let their hooves dry. While the barn was full of snacking horses I shoveled, and walked dogs. The winds died and the big boys were brought back outside, in the rain.They stood under shelter enjoying their space and cool air.After night chores the rain continued and we collected lots of water in the paddocks, today I will pump paddocs.This morning boots got very muddy, I lost a glove and my pant cuffs were wet and heavy.Standing water=bacterior.As time and budget allows I think we might bring in additional fill, for better drainage.People who farm do so becouse it is in their soal, it is a crazy passion.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you think horses are "self sufficiant" or a rainy day on the farm means rest and no work I beg DO NOT get a horse,or a pig or a bunny or chickens...

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