Monday, October 18, 2010

Catching Up

Sorry it has been a week without a post. Some of it is less than wonderful Internet service, and some of it is exhaustion.
Jake (my oldest of 2 Belgians) developed a limp last Sunday night.I did a couple days of stall rest,with five days of soaking.Thursday Jake looked better. Friday we had a Nor-Easter, it poured inches and inches of rain with high winds, everyone was in the barn.
On Saturday we took The Team(Nickel and Jake) for a very short wagon ride,and again he is limping.
The extra care and attention takes lots of extra time, he's worth it but little time for blogging. Overnight with Jake in the barn I do not sleep well. Bob teases I should get a bell, Jake can ring for service because I get up and down to check on him.
Over the week end we enjoyed beautiful weather,and wonderful company.Our daughter Jessica came for a visit, with one of her Boston Terriers, Saturday and Sunday.Additionally we enjoyed dinner company Saturday night, friends. For dinner on Saturday I cooked the menu, posted earlier, I was happy with the results!Sunday was October fest at The Abenaki Draft Club,and football so a very full week end.
That takes us to:Menu Plan Monday
Monday Waldorf Salad and Corn Bread from Saturdays Dinner
Tuesday Chicken Tortallini (with Home Made Stock)
Wednesday Tuna Melt and Home Made/ Canned Tomato Soup.
Thursday Slow Cooker Beef in Beer ( I will Post this)
Friday Roast Beef Sandwiches on Arsiago Bread w Sweet Potato Fries (I antisipate leftover beef, from Thursday)
Saturday Club Pot Luck Undecided/ will Post
Sunday Fried Fish and Chips Clamb Chowder and Foot Ball

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