Saturday, February 16, 2013

This Week and the Menu

This week my charm bracelet arrived from Red-tail Creations LLC, it is beautiful.The bracelet is a ID bracelet made of Charm boys tail hair braided. I had no luck taking a photo of it my self, I'm going to ask Jesse when she arrives.
 Jessica is visiting for the week end (arriving today) with two of her dogs. It is snowing a bit and Bob's brother spent the night last night so lots going on.We had a nice ham dinner and baked beans last night. The men took a ride to Agway and the Post office. At the post office they are holding the arrival of my new spurs and Cowboy hat.

I posted an add on Craigslist to once again find barn help. I received 40+ responses half by telephone and half by email. I narrowed the list to 7 based on what they told me with their response, working phone numbers, and references. I lined up 5 for an interview last week (not everyone showed up) of the ones that did I chose a high school boy named Gavin. Gavin worked (trained with me) Wednesday, worked Thursday and was a no show no call Friday. So the hunt for barn help is back on.
By the way who quits on pay day dahhhh.
This Week on The Menu

Saturday: Rib Eye Steaks and Mashed Potatoes w Jessica
Sunday : Chicken and Rice
Monday: Cobb Salads with leftover ham
Tuesday; Chicken Tenders with Capers and Lemon
Wednesday: Soft Shell Taco's
Thursday: Soup and Sandwiched (BL T's)

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