Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boot Rant RE: Country Outfitters

Let me say I am one pissed off Cowgirl!!!!!!!!!!

Back in September I bonused at my job and received a nice check.
I am in retail and I cater to my customers and work hard.
 I splurged and  bought a beautiful pair of cowgirl boots for myself.
They feel like butter!

this is the description from their sight
Vamp Leather: Distressed Crater

Vamp Color: Distressed Antique Saddle/Coffee Laser

Shaft Leather: Distressed Crater

Shaft Color: Distressed Antique Saddle/Coffee Laser

Shaft Height: 13"

Heel Height: 2 3/8"

I purchased them from Country Outfitters.
I love my boots they are a work of art and let me tell you every time I go out in public some one comments, complements and inquire where I got them. I bet I sent 30 plus people to the Country Outfitters web sight.
The first time my husband put his eyes on my boots (in April) he said "wow, some day I'd like to have boots like that.

In December 2012 I ordered boots for my husband from Country Outfitters.

this is the description from their sight

12" Height
J Toe

Laredo Flex Outsole

Cowboy Heel

When my husbands boots arrived I was soooooo disappointed!
These boots felt like plastic they were 100% man made materials in China.
I sent them back, using there "easy online return process" and self print $5.00 shipping label.

8:54 am Delivered Fayetteville, AR
4:28 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery Lowell, AR
4:22 am At local FedEx facility Lowell, AR
- 1/14/2013 - Monday
11:45 pm Departed FedEx location LENEXA, KS
5:43 pm Arrived at FedEx location LENEXA, KS
- 1/11/2013 - Friday
1:11 pm Departed FedEx location WILLINGTON, CT
- 1/10/2013 - Thursday
11:00 pm Arrived at FedEx location WILLINGTON, CT
7:32 pm Left FedEx origin facility SACO, ME
7:05 pm Arrived at FedEx location SACO, ME
9:21 am Picked up SACO, ME
+ 1/08/2013 - Tuesday
I tracked my package and contacted them when it "arrived". I was told my exchange would take a week to ten days. On the tenth day I contacted them again, it still was not processed. I asked if I could purchase the "upgraded boots" and be credited when the return was processed. The customer service rep from Country Outfitters took all of my order info and credit card number.
I was told the new boots were custom hand made leather (more than double the price) and would take 45 days to arrive.
On January 29th after viewing my credit card statement I was charged for Bobs new boots. I contacted Country Outfitters and was told they had just completed the process for the exchange and I was still 45 days out.
I am embarrassed and dis apointed that Bob does not have his Christmas gift Boots and may not have them before Saint Patric's Day.
I explained to the Country Outfitter rep. my disappointment and the only solution she offered was to cancel the boot order and take the full refund.

Oddly enough in March I will be  again and purchasing myself these boots

or some like them not sure they will come from Country Outfitters.

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