Saturday, November 10, 2012

Checking in, and the Menu

So I have not been posting on this blog because, it will not accept any photo's and that frustrates me.
But lets catch up and maybe later I can use Bobs new lap top to add some photo's.
First the two storms, we were lucky compared to many. The first storm brought us rain and high winds, we cleaned up with pumps and rakes last weekend.This week brought snow  and more rain from which we will clean up today.In the middle of raking last Sunday morning, we received a phone call from the slaughter house. As the result of a cancellation, they had an opening and offered me the opportunity to bring BBQ in.We dropped BBQ off Sunday at 12:30,now I have pork in my freezer.Cleaned and processed my lean pig dressed out at 119lbs. a perfect pig for a small family freezer and a great return on a ten month project.Almost one half of our meat is at the smoke house,50lbs. I have them smoking the hams,shoulders,bacon and jewels.When all is said and done I would have spent the equivalent of 2.39 per. pound, that's darn cheap for fresh lean farm pork, I will get another piglet in the spring.
Sunday : Chicken with stuffed baked potatoes/ broccoli and cheese
Monday:Cheese burgers and garlic fries for Bob and portabella burgers for me
Tuesday: Pork chops and Baked beans Apple sauce
Wednesday: Stuffed chicken Breast rice and veggie
Thursday: Pizza and salads

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