Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Monday From The Farm

Greetings I hope everyone had a great week end and wonderful Fathers Day. On Saturday we traveled to Massachusetts for a graduation celebration(mt nephew) and had the chance to see lots of family.
On Sunday we cought up on farm chorse and messed with the draft horses, long lining Charm and riding Nickel and Jake. we put all three drafts out to pasture together yesterday afternoon, all was perfect till dinner time. When the drafts came to the fence for dinner Nickel and Jake gave Charm one hell of a run.

The weather:

Temperature: 60.8°F

Precipitation: 0"

Wind: 0mph

On my reading pile:

Cooking Light
The Feast Nearby Robin Mather
On order we Took To The woods by Louise Dickinson Rich
On my TV:

Finishing Up Food Network Nest Star
Awaiting Big Brother
and  always GBTV with Bob

On the menu for this week

Monday - Burger Night
Tuesday -   Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad
Thursday -  Kale and carmalized onion frittata
On my to do list:

Iron a load of laundry and put 4 more away, washed dried and folded over the week end

Vacuum Dog Hair

Around The Farm: Hens are on and off with egg production this week, cold (40) nights.
Pig is finally putting on the pounds, thinking harvest dinner in October.
The first peas in edable pods will be picked this week, I will be planting my new Lilac and some grape vine.
minni has a new pen that will also host the calf when it arrives.
Charm is a love and settling nice, seems very smart. Bob has started Charm with ground work for driving.
Beau (the oldest of the Hounds) is showing his age and has good days and bad. Currently I am  cleaning adding bag balm and wrap to "bed sores/ crate sores every day, and cooking his meals.

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