Monday, June 4, 2012

Around The Farm

Here we are another Monday, the week end washed by in a flood of rain.Most of what we did over the week end was house keeping, ironing, eating and what I call "The Barn Yard Shuffle" . A process of shuffling animals from rain to dry , pasture to barn...

June 4, 2012

The 156th day of 2012

16 days until summer begins

The Weather : Rain, rain , rain and unseasonable cold
Temperature 50°F  Feels Like 50°F

Humidity 94%
Wind NNE 13 mph

Pressure 30 in

Visibility 5 mi

On My Read Pile: Two magazines Maine ( looking for idea's for vacation)
and Cooking Light

On My TV / recorder: Most every thing I watch is day late and recorded because I go to bed early
Today is last nights The Next food Network Star

ON My "To Do List" (always barn chores but above that)
1. hang "No Smoking" signs, I have been finding butts around the farm 
2. a new stall door sign for Charm
3. set up herb drying rack

Looking Around The House: Dog hair every where, Lager is a huge hair ball and a big time roll on the carpet dog.
Laundry in on and around the machines, I hate to use the dryer, but can not continue to wait for the rain to stop.

Garden Tip:
Thin crowded plantings of lettuce, carrots, beets, and herbs. Give them a good watering when the job is finished to help the roots of remaining plants recover from any damage your pulling may have inflicted.

Religiously patrol your basil plantings and remove all the clusters of flower buds that form at the stem ends the minute you see them forming. This will encourage nice bushy plants and a continuing supply of leaves.

In The Barn:
Baby calf has not yet arrived here from the seller, she is still with her Mom and the farm is very wet and in transition.
Charm is settling in and being introduced to the work harness, and having his feet picked up daily, he is not a fan of having his back hooves lifted.
Minni is going to be placed in a new home, we are interviewing many prospects, he is sad with Joe Jo gone and no team mate. Bob and I will be sad to see him go but it is best for him.
Nickel seems to be in his prime we found him a plow yesterday . Jake is doing well, although the mud reeks havoc with his hooves.
With the hens we are getting 4-5 eggs per day including a very small one in the barn.
Mr. Rooster is still a mean bird!

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