Thursday, May 10, 2012

Menu Plan

OK so I am loosing the battle with Mother nature. I get we need rain to grow hay and we need hay, but enough rain for a bit.
The pig pen is a foot deep of mud, the straw that usually gives the chicken pen a soft floor is soaked, and I am tied of hearing the dryer run. We have had two days out of the past fourteen without rain. The rain completely changes the daily routine on the farm. The rain spell we are in even effects how I write the menu. When the farm is soaked and the rain continues everything takes longer outdoors leaving less time at the days end to cook.
On the menu tonight is Jamie Oliver's spinach and feta pie, this will really test the 30 min. he claims it takes
Friday: Salmon Grilled
Saturday: Steak Indian Style ( Jamie Oliver)
Sunday: Beef Stew in Beer
Monday : Burger Night
Tuesday : BL T's with Spicey Mayo
Tuesday : Cajun Chicken Pasta
Wednesday: Steakhouse Pizza
Thursday: Rotisserie Chicken

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