Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boot Camp aka Hay Day

This week end our hay man , cut the first hay crop of 2011.
To say hay is important to us would be an understatement.
We have very finicky eaters, who love their hay.
Each of the Belgians average a bale of hay per day, the Minni's get served a flake each in the am and a flake each in the pm.
From this cut we purchased 386  bales. The actual purchase is less painful then the process of getting it from field to barn.
Getting the hay from the field to the barn is allot of work, but a relief when done.
Last year hay cutting fell in line with the July 4th holiday so we had help from Bobby and Keri.
 Hay cutting is scheduled around the Growth, sun, wind and any threat of rain.
This years cut happened over the week end with the harvest falling  on a Monday. Bob and I  had a Monday that resembled Boot Camp. Bob had commitments in Massachusetts, and I in the retail world.
We both got up early and tended to breakfast for all the four legged, cleaned paddocks and stalls and hit the road Bob drove Hundreds of miles round trim with a work day sandwiched in the middle. I worked my local commitments, we gathered back at the farm and did another round of critter meals and clean up before heading to the hay field. We finished gathering hay bales just as the evening dew was hitting the field first cut safely tucked away we crawled into bed. I am so thankful to have a husband that is as committed to taking care of this farm as I am, he has given up more than I can list to see my dream come true !

PS. After I wrote this post above, Iread this post below and I thought, ya they get it . We are not alone in loving this crazy life. Here is one line of the post"

"Why we would rather spend money on our horse’s hooves, than go to a fancy restaurant."

Read more: http://www.grit.com/Russ-Stick-Ramblings/Parallel-Friends.aspx#ixzz1PvUxLXzKhttp://www.grit.com/Russ-Stick-Ramblings/Parallel-Friends.aspx

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