Thursday, February 19, 2009

No Picnic

Today was no picnic ,unless your a Belgian.

The day started (5am) with a base coat of 5"of snow and a rain snow mix . The Big Boys went out per usual, the dogs went out 1/2 day. When I took the hounds for their walk, Elvis was trying to convince me he was a BIG TRACKER, he wanted to find Siamese. After watching Dexter and Rocco with the ball , I was reminded how much Pig likes to play ball, so he got a new ball. I think every one had a good day all things considered, and that is what matters.

1 comment:

Rocco the BT said...

Yah for Boogie and his ball!
Elvis has grown into one VERY handsome hound and I'm sure he just wants to play real gentle with the kitties...