Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Belgian Bootcamp

The dead of winter in Maine is passing and with each day that moves above 32 degrees, I'm reminded that spring is coming! Then, I start to think... I'm not a bear. I'm not hibernating. I need to get out of bed,I've got to get to work!

I woke at 410am and was in the barn at 5am with my travel mug. I left the drive way at 6:30 feeling very pleased that I had accomplished so much. The barn was clean and the tractor empty. The dogs and horses were out with fresh water and full bellies. I returned at lunch and fixed the broken fence. Then went back to work for a bit , stopped for gas and air in one of the tires to return to more broken fences and a puppy full of poop.

Some one once told me "Belgians break every thing" I think he was telling the truth.

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