Sunday, February 22, 2009

5 More Weeks

This morning, the outside thermometer registered fifteen degrees at 6:00 AM. Amidst the challenge of morning chores, the vision of spring photo's flashed in my head. My body chilled as my mind drifted thinking spring thoughts: what the garden will be like, will I get to have my chickens? Breakfast dishes cleared, and the house looked decent.We searched the web for Team sized driving harness.11:30 the out side temps had reached 44. There are whispers of survival...perhaps even a faint murmur of spring! We took Nickel for a drive.The minute we started , the temperature seemed to drop. I took a blanket and was glad, I had done so.The wind bit at my already VERY chapped face, Mini Sparks paced and yelled , I wanted to Pony him in toe but the road is still more ice then footing. We stopped and collected the mail. The sky is threatening , the house seems cold.Time to be lazy for a bit before we bring every one in for the evening.

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