Friday, April 26, 2013

This Weeks Budget Friendly Menu

Even a Budget Friendly Menu must be yummy> This is what I have come up with.

Friday: Chicken Cesar Wraps w Rotisserie Chicken
The Rotisserie Chicken at my local market is 5.00 off today if you spend 10/ 10 rice a Ronni, the rice and chicken total will cost me $12.99 Flat bread wraps

Saturday: Fish Taco's made of "chowder bits" and slaw.
My fish person sells small cuts of fish called chowder bits, they are great for frying tenders.
I will purchase a soft shell Taco kit and use only the shells for the fish taco's and save the spice package and sauce for the taco salad Wednesday. Slaw mix is on sale 10@ 10.00 ( I'll get one)

Sunday: BBQ Steak on Spinach Salad Raspberry Vinaigrette
I plan to purchase a flank steak and marinade it 24 hours

Monday: Homemade Grill Pizza's
One will be an onion pizza with white sauce and one will be BBQ with left over chicken from Friday (I plan to pick and freeze the chicken)

Tuesday: Turkey Burgers for Bob Mushroom n Turkey Burgers for me

Wednesday: Taco Salads
Made with 1# hamburger and the leftover taco kit, and homemade tortia chips made with cut up wraps.

Thursday: Burger Melts
For lunches I'm planning a rotation of tuna fish sandwiches, PBJ, and Pasta salads

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