Monday, October 22, 2012



Can you believe we are only days away from November?
There is so much going on here at the farm.

The pig is a good size and I am awaiting a date to bring him to slaughter. I kinda messed up and missed the date I wanted so I have reserved January 6, and am praying a spot opens sooner.

I am trying to find a new home for the chickens, if I do not find one soon they will be soup birds. They had stopped laying back in September and no longer worth the work of wintering over. In the spring I will start a new flock.
Charm boy is a pleasure he is really settling and learning more every day.
Nickel was awesome at Octoberfest and Bob is riding him bare back every chance he get with no bit. We are looking forward to teaming the two Nickel and Charm . I expect Charm will learn as much from Nickel as he has from us.
Jake is retierd now and spends his days grazing in the back pasture, he has taken to palling around the cow pen. I have even spotted the cow cleaning Jake.

I am awaiting a big box of home brewing supplies and can not wait to get started with that adventure.
Im NOT looking forward to changing the clocks,.

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