Sunday, October 28, 2012

As New England preps for the storm , we are as prepared as we can be. The fuel tank and pantry are full, the generator is in perfect order. The barn has extra food and shavings and now the manure is spread. We spread all the manure onto the back pasture with Nickel. Now we will let Mother nature do her put and wash all in. A week of rain should take care of that.

 Spreading manure is a process. First we load the tractor bucket, then the manure spreader.

We filled and emptied the spreader about 16 times.

Then Nickel does his part hauling the spreader around the pasture in rows.

The spreader is estimated to hold 50 bushel, Nickel makes it look easy.

The passes go rather quickly.

When we purchased the farm the back pasture was not nearly as lush and green as this year.

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