Friday, September 28, 2012

Speaking in Tounges

Seems as we approach the end of each week I get the same question from folks, "Doing anything good this week end?". My response week over week is relatively unchanged, yet people look at me like I speak in tongues.
 So why is it surprising that a person who owns three Belgian Draft Horses and a small farm would spend their off time , around the farm.

If you are dreaming of one day owning a farm or even one horse, I am here to tell you it is a 24/ 7 job and you better love it.

On Friday nights (after chores are done) we look forward to starting our evening in the barn with our horses. This usually includes a light meal that can be consumed rather quickly , and a number of chilled beverages in plastic cups.You see Friday is "feet night" this is an evening dedicated to the care of three sets of very large draft horse hooves. Hooves are very important to a draft and must be maintained , religiously. Saturday is used to fine tune chores that are done with less precision Monday Thu Friday and restock the grain room. This is also a time to catch up with an occasional draft horse friend visit a farm our watch a pull. Sundays is dedicated to driving either Nick with a wagon or piece of farming equipment and Charm in training harness. Draft Horses are our passion and our life, so that's what we have planned for the week end after all it is why we get up the rest of the week and work!

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